Sex In The Name Of God

Sex In The Name Of God

Religion. It sends some people into total bliss and others into complete ruin. What is it about religion that, in its extreme form, polarises communities or brings them together in stout solidarity?  Most religions reach for higher states of consciousness or devoutly worship a divine source. But one thing is for certain; most religions have a definite take on sex and sexuality, which, unless performed within holy matrimony, is dirty, immoral and sinful.

How and why sex became denigrated within many societies, I don’t know. But for sure, many religions speak against it in such away as to make people rebel, become overly zealous against it or worse, perverse in their own sexuality. But here’s the question, if sex is one of those activities that can literally elevate your senses and consciousness towards transcendence through your neurotransmitters, ( read blog post, Cocktail No. 1), then why on earth has it been vilified, especially for women?

We know women produce more oxytocin than men, fact! We also know that women  produce  a lot of oxytocin when gathered together in one room – fact! We even know that oxytocin is one of the neurotransmitters, together with others, which is essential to reaching insights, moments of clarity, and eureka moments once elevated to certain levels.

So, let me ask another question: Are religious doctrines deliberately suppressing sexual activities in women because they know how powerful women can be when they are in total and unequivocal control of their own sexuality? Could this power possibly and irrevocably topple patriarchy and evolve the human race to heights we should have experienced many cyclic moons ago?  I know how religious leaders would answer that question. They would shake their heads and look at me as one of those lost souls.

But, I know what I know. And this knowing is through experience without the guidance of religious edicts; thanks religion, but no thanks! For some, religion is a comfort and is perhaps one of the strands of compassion that people need in their lives, and that’s great. But…

We are human, we are curious, we evolve through experiences and if we are denied the very experience that will teach us about ourselves and each other, then in my mind, certain religions are failing their communities and denying them the very essence of GOD; the essence of pure creation. Women are essentially creators. With a sprinkle of essential ingredients from men, we house creation.  We nurture creation, and we give birth to it. That power can only rest in the loins of women.

Religion is a construct. Women and sex are not. Let’s experience where the real intuitive an inspirational insights lay.  After all, you may experience a divine inspiration that could blow your mind!


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